Robotics » Elementary Robotics Team at World Championship 2018 Vex IQ

Elementary Robotics Team at World Championship 2018 Vex IQ

Our Elementary Robotics Team finally participated to 2018 Vex IQ World Championship (the largest robotics competition as recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS) at Kentucky Expo Center last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
There were 48 nations coming from all around the World.
Their parents never let us feel alone. They were always with us 
They enjoyed exploring new things. They loved being socialize with other kids. They had so much fun at the Expo Center.
This has been a dream for our 5th graders that came true with the help of over 33 supporters. Our team raised $2128 to be able to join this special event. 
We knew already that the World Competition is not a piece of cake. Only the best teams made it there. Compare to last year, this year was incredibly difficult. A lot of state champions even did not make it to finals. Our team ranked 35th place out of 80 teams in our division. 
FEC Foundation President and the Managers
Finals and Closing ceremony was epic to watch the best of best teams.
 I would like to thank everyone in our community and our supporters 
Every single of you made a valuable contribution to this success