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I am the father of three children who go to Indiana Math And Science Academy North. I am very proud of the school for so many reason! They make sure that the students are safe at all time. They make sure that the students are well taking care of in every way possible at all time. They make sure that the students are respectful. Most of the teachers keep us inform of our children behavior so we, parents can do what we need to do. The school is very clean at all time. I love the school, and always recommend it to others parents whenever I have a chance.

Leopold Adjavehouede

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Indiana Math and Science Academy is a public charter school serving Kindergarten through twelfth grades  tuition free managing by Concept Schools.  Concept Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization that provides a high-quality, STEM-focused and college-preparatory education through a network of charter schools while offering exceptional programs, comprehensive services, and opportunities to partner in education.

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