Since working at IMSA North, I have had the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the operation and growth of the school.  Each week that passes I see the progress that the students are making as well as the progress the school is making towards being an environment that challenges the students and encourages their independence. 

Katherine Beckwith, Regional Coordinator

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Please take time to personalize the link's message shared at the bottom of the page  we entered into the Action Center to include details relevant to your school, like long-overdue facilities projects, or other information that will help them understand truly how impactful this increase could be for your schools and students. http://takeaction.i4qed.org/campaigns/69/charter-and-innovation-network-school-grant-program-senate

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Indiana Math and Science Academy is a public charter school serving Kindergarten through twelfth grades  tuition free managing by Concept Schools.  Concept Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization that provides a high-quality, STEM-focused and college-preparatory education through a network of charter schools while offering exceptional programs, comprehensive services, and opportunities to partner in education.

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