Parent Teacher Conference

Good morning, IMSA North Families-

After conducting Parent Teacher Conferences virtually for the past year and a half, we’ve decided to make them in-person conferences this year. We ask that you please be patient with us as we make this transition back to in-person conferences. We apologize in advance if, in any way, your experience wasn’t what you expected.

Enter door 3 for conferences. In the lobby of door 3, you’ll see the following vendors:

1. YMCA -Brian Keys from the OrthoIndy West YMCA Branch
2. FirefighterTony Williams, St. Florian Center: Rights of Passage "My Brother's Keepers" Program for boys ages 10 to 17 years old.
3. Kumon: Sola, owner: Math and Reading tutoring, located across the street from IMSA North.
4. Children's Museum of Indianapolis: Kelsey Hembleton, Mid North Promise Program a program specific to certain neighborhoods near museum.
5. Shepherd Community: Amy Wallace and Rachel Rhoad ,youth and family services to eastside/downtown families
6. Public Library: Cordia Watkins, Library Card applications
7. Morales Staffing: Temp job agency
8. Alexander Coleman Dance company: dance group for youth and adults.
9. John Boner Center: Eastside family and youth services
10. Altruist: home health care : job recruiting
11. Girl Scouts: same ladies who have done the school program for us in the past.

Thanks for choosing us as your school of choice!!!
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