Soccer Senior Blog Class of 2020

Soccer Senior Blog Class of 2020

This year’s seniors have been incredibly influential. They have shown us what it takes to be a team and have helped establish the IMSA Soccer program. The seniors have shown great maturity by emerging as leaders and always challenging themselves and their teammates to be better. Here is a little thank you and appreciation for each senior.

Charles Cox

Mr. IMSA North was Charles Cox. He was our leader on and off the field. His senior year was his only year of playing competitive soccer which is incredible because he was able to play anywhere on the field and do it well. He was the one at practice always encouraging his teammates and he never turned down an opportunity to learn, or to teach. He had natural talent but he also was dedicated and disciplined which is why he was able to emerge as such a great leader and asset to the team.

Charles’ plans after high school are to attend Ivy Tech and work in an apprenticeship program. His favorite memory is beating Lutheran and dancing on the bus after the game. His advice for incoming freshmen is to achieve what you want and always try your best.

Adeyinka Fabayo

Adeyinka started off the year on the wrong foot but made up for it after the first couple games. Once he was given the OK to play we saw a drastic and positive change in his attitude towards his role as a teammate. We were hard on him as coaches because we knew how much potential he had, and as the season went on he continued to show so much growth on and off the field. It was clear that he had a true passion for soccer and he was one of our most skilled and talented players. Our favorite memory of him was in games when he turned it on, he was truly a joy to watch.

Adeyinka plans to attend Manchester University and work part time. His favorite memory was when the art teacher led a training session and did well. His advice to freshman at IMSA North is don’t let the public’s perception of you alter who you want to be.

Abimbola Ayodele

Bola was one of our stand out players and the foundation of our defense. Not only is he an incredible athlete but he was a huge part of keeping up our team morale. Our favorite memories of him are the car rides to and from games where he was always dancing and singing. His joyful personality was contagious and whether we won or lost, he was always bringinging happiness to everyone around him!

Kehinde Olawore

Kehinde is the epitome of what it means to be a student athlete. He showed up to every practice ready to go and also maintained an above 4.0 GPA. This speaks to his incredible work ethic. Ms. Jolliff loved playing 1 v 1 with Kehinde because he never held back in practice, and he was always physical and tough on the field. Our favorite memory of him is the constant yelling of “Kehinde!” at practice and in games, especially by the Ladipos. And he always had a smile on his face.

Taiwo Olawore

Taiwo is also one that demonstrated great responsibility and dedication to being a student and an athlete this year. He was always present during practice and maintained above a 4.0 GPA. Taiwo was always willing to play any position on the field when needed. He pushed himself and because of that showed a lot of improvement over the year.

Franklin Ramirez

Frank, better known as “Frank the Tank” by Coach Harrell, was our right back and right mid. He was one of our quickest players on the team and unlucky not to get any goals this year. Frank was very involved in school. He was a school ambassador, teacher’s assistant, and a 4 year member of the robotics team. He has a knack for hands on activities and when he sets his mind on something he wants, he will achieve it.

After High school, Frank plans on going to Purdue Fort Wayne and will work as much as he can. His favorite memory was when Mr. Harrell was giving a speech and Charles flipped the water bottle into the holder and Mr. Harrell was like, “nice…”. His advice for incoming freshmen is to be friendly toward teachers and try to make friends and ask questions.

Thomas Harrell – Soccer Head Coach

Alexis Jolliff – Assistant Soccer Coach