IMSA North COVID Tracker

February 3, 2021

Dear IMSA Parents/Guardians:
The Marion County Health Department has changed the decision-making criteria to guide the schools for school closures due to COVID-19. Each school needs to compare the school positivity rate to the community positivity rate. Therefore schools are now required to report all cases of Covid-19 of staff, and students both in-person and virtual/eLearning.  
We are asking parents now to report the Covid-19 positive cases for all students, in-person or eLearning-Virtual using the Covid-19 Reporting Form.  This information will be confidential and only be shared with the health department. 
Please help us keep your students, staff, and families safe.  We thank you for your cooperation in reporting your child’s positive diagnosis.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.  

Mr.Secen, Principal

IMSA North Covid Tracker

Staff Members

Week Of Positive Cases Close Contact
Total 7 5
9/14-9/20 1 0
10/19-10/25 1 2
10/26-11/1 1 1
11/9-11/15 1 0
2/8-2/14 2 2


Week Of Positive Cases Close Contact
Total 0 0
9/14-9/20 0 0
10/19-10/25 0 0
10/26-11/1 0 0
11/9-11/15 0 0