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Welcome to School Athletics!

Dear IMSA Families:
Welcome to the start of the 2020-21 athletics season. Currently we are offering HS soccer and HS volleyball. This year is obviously different then years past. If you received a physical last year and it is on file at IMSA, you will not be required to have another physical on file for this sports season. If you did not have one last year then you will be required to have one still. We will also be paying attention to any COVID-19 issues that could potentially limit our sports provided. We will keep families up to date via Sunday announcements or school phone calls.

Brad Paswater, IMSA Athletics Director

Assistant Athletic Director

Duke Pryor Basketball Coach
Charles Pryor
Dean of Students

Coach Pryor is in his second year as the boys basketball coach. He attended Lawrence North High school. He earned a varsity letter for two years while playing at Lawrence North High school. He later continued his basketball career at Marian University. He spent most of his professional career working for the NCAA running a basketball mentoring program where he mentored and worked with some of the top high school basketball players in the country. Many of the players going on to become NBA first round picks. After leaving NCAA for 11 years he later traveled the world for leisure and also did basketball consulting globally. Mr. Pryor has a youth basketball program called AWAIT “All We Ask is Trust” and is a huge advocate for youth sports. He is active in his community as well. He is the father of two son Carter and daughter Maverick and wife Myphi. He loves the game of basketball. He loves to travel, watch sports, fashion, and family time. Use basketball, dont let basketball use you! Dont Quit!

Athletic Resources

Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

Girls Basketball Coach
Jermaine Dunigan
Special Ed Teacher

Coach Dunigan is in his second year as the high school girls’ basketball coach. Dunigan is originally from Peoria IL and attended Peoria High, where he was a multiple sport varsity athlete all four years of High School. In his senior year his team went on to win the Illinois State Basketball Championship, where they were ranked #1 in the state and top 10 in the nation. After high school he went on the play a year of college basketball at McKendree University in Lebanon IL. He eventually transferred to Kentucky State University where he became a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and a member of the Track and Field team, before going on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Coach Dunigan is the SPED/Resource Teacher at IMSA North, as well as the High School Track and Field coach. Family is the most important aspect in his life and he treasures the time that he is able to spend with the people that matters most to him, Ken’Yada and his son Jeremiah.

Girls Varsity Basketball 2020-21

11/07/2020 Union @ IMSA 2:00pm

11/30/2020 Riverside @ IMSA 7:30pm

12/03/2020 Purdue Poly @ IMSA 6:00pm

12/04/2020 Geo Academy @ IMSA 6:00pm

12/09/2020 IMSA @ Monrovia 7:00pm

12/14/2020 George Washington @ IMSA 6:00pm

12/16/2020 Phalen Academy @ IMSA 6:00pm

 1/05/2021 Indiana Christian Academy @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/08/2021 Christle House @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/09/2021 IMSA @ PCR (George Washington) 4:00pm

1/11/2021 IMSA @ Irvington Prep (Victory Prep) 6:00pm

1/12/2021 IMSA @ Central Christian 6:00pm

1/14/2021 IMSA @ Eminence 6:00pm

 1/19/2021 Liberty Christian @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/21/2021 IMSA @ Indy Deaf 6:00pm

1/25/2021 Traders Point @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/27/2021 Kipp @ IMSA (Senior Night) 6:00pm

1/28-30 GIAC Conference Tournament TBA

2/02/2021 Sectionals TBA

Boys Varsity Basketball Coach

Terrence Johnson
Physical Education Teacher

Varsity Boys Basketball 2020-21

11/16/2020 PCR @ IMSA (Scrimmage) 6:00pm

11/24/2020 IMSA @ Liberty Christian 6:00pm

12/04/2020 Geo Academy @ IMSA (NO JV) 7:30pm

12/08/2020 IMSA @ Indy Deaf 7:30pm

12/10-12/2020 GIAC Conference Tournament TBA

12/16/2020 Phalen Academy @ IMSA (NO JV) 7:30pm

12/17/2020 IMSA @ MTI (NO JV) 7:30pm

12/27,28,29 Southwestern Holiday Classic TBA

1/02/2021 IMSA @ Irvington Prep (Victory Prep) 1:00pm

 1/05/2021 Indiana Christian Academy @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/07/2021 Victory Prep @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/09/2021 Traders Point @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/11/2021 IMSA @ Indy Met 6:00pm

 1/15/2021 Bethesda Christian @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/26/2021 Christle House @ IMSA 6:00pm

1/29/2021 IMSA @ Purdue Poly (Christian Park) 6:00pm

2/03/2021 IMSA @ Riverside 6:00pm

2/05/2021 Eminence @ IMSA 6:00pm

2/9/2021 Crosspointe Christian @ IMSA 6:00pm

2/12/2021 IMSA @ Manual 6:00pm

2/16/2021 IMSA @ Eman School 6:00pm

2/22/2021 IMSA @ International 6:30pm

2/27/2021 Kipp @ IMSA (Senior Night) 6:00pm


Assistant Varsity Girls Coach

Basketball Coach
Willard Jimison
Dean of Students

Willard Jimison is a former graduate from Arlington High School Indianapolis. He earned an Associate’s Degree from Vincennes University, and Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana State University. Coach Jimison served as a summer camp Program Director at the YMCA where he coached basketball. In addition, he also supervised before-and-after care as Site Director at the Boys & Girls Club. Coach Jimison coached at the Gibault School for Boys and Charles Fairbank IPS School 105. Coach Jimison lead the 2018/2019 middle school girls to their 5th consecutive championship with an undefeated 13-0 record. His current combined record at IMSA North is 22-4. The boys finished the season with a 9-4 record .

Coach Jimison has had a mentorship alongside of NBA players such as Bonzi Wells, Shawn Marion, and Carlos Knox / Coach Jimison’s mission is to provide a platform for our youth to prepare for athletic and academic scholarships. While providing as many young student athletes the opportunity to learn respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on hard work, responsibility, and teamwork.

Coach Jimison also runs and operates a local non-profit organization geared to help provide youth with academic tutoring and sporting opportunities. “INDY ALLSTARS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT” .

Volleyball Head Coach

Volleyball Head Coach
Ellie Skjodt
Special Ed Teacher

This is Ellie Skjodt’s first year as the head coach for the high school girl’s varsity volleyball team at Indiana Math and Science Academy North. Coach Skjodt played volleyball starting when she was 9 years old up until she graduated from high school. Skjodt attended Carmel High School and played volleyball all four years during her time there along with playing travel volleyball for 8 years at Team Indiana, Indiana Volleyball Academy, and Munciana. She played as a defensive specialist. Coach Skjodt did not end up playing volleyball in college but attended Indiana University to study speech and hearing sciences. Skjodt graduated from IU in 2018, got accepted into the Teach for America program, and moved back to Indianapolis to start her career in teaching.

Google Classroom Codes: swwx654

Varsity Girls Volleyball 2021-22 Schedule

8/17/2021 IMSA @ MTI 5:30PM
8/19/2021 Purdue Poly @ IMSA 5:00PM
8/24/2021 Irvington Prep @ IMSA 5:30PM
8/31/2021 Bethesda Christian @ IMSA 5:30PM
9/2/2021 IMSA @ Riverside 5:00PM
9/4/2021 Liberty Christian @ IMSA 6:00PM
9/8/2021 PCR @ IMSA 5:00PM
9/9/2021 Eminence @ IMSA 6:00PM
9/13/2021 George Washington @ IMSA 5:00PM
9/17/2021 IMSA @ Mooresville Christian 5:30PM
9/21/2021 Thrival Academy @ IMSA 5:00PM
9/23/2021 IMSA @ Christle House/Manual 7:00PM
9/25/2021 GEO Academy @ IMSA 5:30PM
9/28/2021 Anderson Prep @ IMSA 5:30PM
10/2/2021 GIAC Conference Tournament @ Manual TBA
10/4/2021 IMSA @ Kipp Academy 5:30PM
10/5/2021 MTI @ IMSA (Senior Night) 5:30PM
10/6/2021 IMSA @ Traders Point Christian 6:00PM
10/7/2021 IMSA @ Tindley 6:30PM
TBA Sectionals TBA

Soccer Head Coach

soccer team coach
Thomas Harrell
STEM Teacher

Coach Harrell is in his first year coaching the soccer team. He went to Bedford North Lawrence High school. He was a varsity letter winner for 3 years. Harrell earned scholar athlete honors, all-conference honorable mention, and was named the Mayor’s Choice award winner. For travel soccer, Harrell played for Cutters Soccer Club in Bloomington, In. After high school, he played 1 year of soccer at Marian University. Harrell graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors Degree in Education.

Coach Harrell is the high school STEM teacher at IMSA North. He is married to Kaylyn, who is a 1st grade teacher in Brownsburg. Together, they have a daughter named Tavi (1). They enjoy family walks and going on trips out of town.

Harrell enjoys working on his yard, playing soccer, and working out in his free time. Coach Harrell’s favorite memory as the soccer coach is the bus ride home after the Lutheran game.

Google Classroom Code: kl5u73k


Assistant Soccer Coach

Assistant Soccer Coach
Alexis Jollif
Middle School Math Teacher

Varsity Soccer 2021 - 2022 Season Schedule

Date Opponent Time
23-Aug IMSA @ Riverside (Riverside Park) 5:30pm
25-Aug IMSA @ Christel House 5:30pm
30-Aug IMSA @ Tindley 5:30pm
3-Sept IMSA @ Irvington Prep 5:30pm
9-Sept IMSA @ Purdue Poly 5:30pm
14-Sept IMSA @ Mooresville Christian 5:30pm
16-Sept GIAC Tournament @ Manual TBA
18-Sept GIAC Tournament @ Manual TBA
20-Sept IMSA @ Crosspointe Christian 5:30pm
22-Sept IMSA @ Knightstown 7:00pm
25-Sept IMSA @ North Montgomery 12:00pm
29-Sept IMSA @ George Washington 5:30pm
30-Sept IMSA @ Providence Christo Rey 7:00pm
TBA Sectionals TBA


Indiana Math and Science Academy Knights 2021-22 Soccer Roster

# Name Position Class
1 Jonathan Robinson Mid-Field Freshman
2 Elijah Morris Forward Freshman
3 Desmound Nwi-Ue Forward Freshman
5 Anthony Tapia Mid-Field Junior
7 Sean Smith Defense Freshman
8 Daniel Sarmiento Mid-Field Freshman
9 Patrick Tepas Defense Sophomore
10 Lucas Ayomikun Defense Junior
11 Luis Vidal Defense Sophomore
12 David Kolurejo Defense Junior
13 Deigo Figueroa Mid-Field Freshman
14 Brandon Zamora Mid-Field Sophomore
15 Larry Hernandez Defense Freshman
16 Heriberto Monterroza Defense Sophomore
17  Tosin Adesmith Forward Junior
18/40 Daniel Sibrian Goal Keeper/Defense Freshman
20 Anthony Cordova Mid-Field Freshman
21 Nelson Feliciano Defense Junior
42 Diego Alberto Goal Keeper Senior

Varsity Girls Volleyball Roster

# Player Position Class
1 Jadore Bullock DS/Libero Senior
2 Praise Akinkuehinmi Setter Sophomore
3 Jayda Washington Middle Hitter Senior
4 Sope Akin-Olukunle Outside Hitter Junior
5 Jaylnn Webb DS Junior
6 Joselyn Taboada Setter Freshman
7 Ja’Mya Mosely Outside Hitter Freshman
8 Laila Gates Middle Hitter Freshman
9 Kaisha Harris Outside Hitter Junior
10 Ini Akin-Olukunle Middle Hitter Freshman
14 Kanaya Ealy Middle Hitter Senior
15 Brooklyn Freeman DS Sophomore
16 Jazmyne Quarles Outside Hitter Senior