About Us

Indiana Math and Science Academy North (IMSA North), is a K-12 tuition free college preparatory charter school, which is funded by public sources. IMSA is operated independently by a board of trustees under a charter granted by the Mayor’s office of Indianapolis. IMSA North is managed by Concept Schools, Inc., a Chicago based, not-for-profit charter management and consulting organization.

IMSA North is a small, structured school with around  690 students. IMSA North delivers a rigorous, innovative educational program.


Mission and Vision

We transform communities one mind at a time with real world engagement and continue to inspire generations through a STEM-focused education that successfully prepares students for tomorrow.

IMSA Vision of Excellent Instruction

Students do the thinking

We interact with rich content. We work first. We make meaning with one another then we discuss together. To do this, we …

  • Actively listen
  • Turn and Share
  • Track
  • Acknowledge (i.e. Snap)
  • Build upon each other’s ideas

We go conceptual

We master basic skills. We make connections. We continuously ask “why”. To do this, we …

  • Sustained practice basic facts, fluency Verbalize the conceptual understanding Stretch each other’s ideas
  • Use academic vocabulary
  • Look for alternative solutions, counter arguments Teachers facilitate

We embrace the challenge

We find joy in the struggle. We thrive on the challenge. We cheer for each other. We “accelerate, not remediate”. To do this, we …

  • Ask for a challenge when things are easy
  • Understand if we struggle, we are learning
  • We don’t opt out
  • When we fail, we try a different approach and that is okay

We hold ourselves accountable

We know the goals. We monitor the progress. We share data. We show personal responsibility, not blame. To do this, we …

  • Teachers communicate short and long term goals for the class
  • Teachers aggressively monitor in the classroom
  • Teachers highlight the most crucial part of the assignment
    • This is the goal
    • This is the gap
  • Students hold themselves accountable for the work, not others
  • Staff holds themselves accountable for the work, not others
  • We celebrate success

IMSA Vision of Culture and Learning

Staff Value Statements

We believe all students deserve:
  • A quality instruction that will stretch our students’ potential beyond the student’s’ imagination.
  • A caring environment, from the support staff to the administration and to the classroom teacher.
  • Opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • A safe environment where they are not bullied and enjoy coming to school every day.
  • A rigorous curriculum with different electives and pathways


For eLearning:

  • Students have regular, personal touchpoints with teachers and/or other school staff to check-in on their basic needs, social-emotional well-being, and any academic needs
  • Students have regular touchpoints with their classmates to continue to build community
  • Students engage in learning experiences that are holistic and are guided by both grade-level expectations and student interests
All adults in our community are living by these core convictions daily and as a result, show the following attitudes and actions:
  • All adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) work collaboratively to create a joyful, welcoming, and supportive learning environment that believes in the potential of each student.
  • All adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) understand the multitude of factors associated with the Social Emotional Learning needs of students and parents and work together to meet those needs on an individual basis.
  • Teachers work cooperatively to improve the rigor of their instruction and to encourage students to reach their highest potential.
  • All adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) work to create an anti-bullying atmosphere that gives students a judgment-free environment to address/resolve conflicts.
  • Administrators provide support for the teachers that build capacity and allow them to continue to grow both as an educator and individual.
  • Staff (both teachers and administrators) build upon a strong sense of community by creating opportunities for parents to come in and volunteer regularly.

Student Value Statements

Students believe they are here to learn academically, and to become productive, caring, and contributing members of IMSA North and their communities.

Students come to school with an attitude geared towards not only personal learning but those of their peers as well. Through hard work, effort, and persistence they can and will become lifelong learners.

As a valuable member of the IMSA-North community, today I commit myself to growth, achievement, and success. I pledge to use the tools I have been given, to realize my talents, fulfill my dreams, and attain my goals. I am on a quest to be my best.


I am here to learn with joy
I am in charge of my learning and success
I will lead by example

I will be respectful to all people
I will cause no harm to others with my words and behaviors.
I will hold myself accountable for my choices.

I will listen and be open to the opinions of others
I will speak my voice about decisions that impact me
I will be an advocate for justice at all times for others and myself

I will ask for and offer help
I know where I am headed
I will put first things first

Why us

  • We change the trajectory of students’ lives!
  • Public College Preparatory Charter School opened in August 2010 and renewed for another 7 years in November 2016
  • Tuition-Free and open to everyone
  • Math and Science emphasis in curriculum and extra-curricular offerings
  • Longer school year of 185 days (longer than traditional school calendar of 180 days)
  • School day begins at 7:50am and ends at 3:00pm
  • 21st Century after school academic and enrichment program between 3pm-5:30pm Mon-Thu.
  • All classroom teachers and professional support staff are appropriately certified in Indiana


A charter school is a public school but it is an independent public school. One that is free from some of the regulations that may stand in the way of achieving educational excellence. A charter school is held accountable for how well it educates its children. It operates under a mandate for high standards and it must deliver. We were granted a charter by the Mayor’s office of Indianapolis and along with the Indiana State Board of Education they must approve the charter schools program.

Any child who resides within the boundaries of Indiana may apply to enroll in IMSA. IMSA is a school of choice and has no neighborhood restrictions.

No. IMSA is a public school that charges no tuition for K through 12th grade.

Enrollment is open to all children regardless of ability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, or need for special services. IMSA has a sibling preference policy, therefore siblings of current students at IMSA are automatically accepted provided there are openings in the appropriate grade level. 

IMSA is a not-for-profit organization that has its own Board of Directors. IMSA is funded by the State of Indiana. There is additional federal and state funding available to charter schools too. Besides such funding, IMSA seeks federal and private grants and receives individual donations, which is tax deductible.

Yes. IMSA has several bus zones that cover central Indianapolis. Please click here to see the Bus Schedule.

Yes, there is a hot lunch at IMSA. All students receive free or reduced lunches. Please click here to see the Lunch Menu.

By Indiana Charter School Law, Charter school teachers are required to be certified or meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have a Baccalaureate degree in subject they teach
  • Five years of experience in the field
  • Professional development participation
  • Enrolled in transition to teaching program

Yes, Uniforms are available to purchase through Schoolzone, the uniform policy is in our handbook.

School hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 pm except early release Wednesdays 7:30am-1pm.