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A Letter from a parent to school Principal posted with permission:
I am the father of three children who go to Indiana Math And Science Academy North. I am very proud of the school for so many reason! They make sure that the students are safe at all time. They make sure that the students are well taking care of in every way possible at all time.  They make sure that the students are respectful. Most of the teachers keep us inform of our children behaviour so we, parents can do what we need to do. The school is very clean at all time. I love the school, and always recommend it to others parents whenever I have a chance.
Leopold Adjavehouede

A Letter from a parent to school Principal posted with permission:

Ms. Zack,

I just want to thank you for your hard work and efforts in preparing our children for success with a solid foundation of reading. Reading was my refuge as a child, and continues to be one of my biggest joys. I love seeing that same excitement in Jalen and Jared,  as they work to exceed expectations and make us proud. I especially want to thank you for the retreat last night at the Carmel Community Center. You provided healthy snacks, a great fun room, and made everyone feel deserving and welcome. All while being a gracious hostess, event organizer, etc. I tip my hat to you, and can honestly say that educators like you are what set IMSA North apart from everyone else, and is also why I look forward to my boys attending next year. Enjoy your Sunday and try to get that hour back we lost overnight!
H. Bonds, Parent


A Letter from a parent to school Principal posted with permission:
Mr Secen,
I just thought you should know how thankful I am for your staff. 3 people in particular went above, beyond, and out of their way to make sure my son Jude was taken care of. On Tuesday apparently he started not feeling good so he was sent to your nurse Lisa Watts. She was able to take her time and examine him. She saw that his fingers were peeling and immediately thought strep(I had no idea that was a symptom). She called me to let me know she wanted to do a strep test. I agreed but also let her know he has major anxiety when it comes to his throat as he had a bad infection years ago that caused him to have surgery and a 5 day hospital stay. She tried for over a 1/2 hour to get him to let her swab his throat. With no success she called and asked if he was close with anyone within the building that may help calm his anxiety. I told her Miss April is his #1 go too. (Mine too) . She also came to the aid of Jude. She tried everything she could to help Miss Lisa. Even offering to let her swab her throat as well to show him that its so fast and quick and does not hurt. Anyway, long story short, I came up to help as well, Miss Mills is always so pleasant at the office and she was aware of the situation and was very helpful as well. These 3 women all have kids and know how I feel. I can’t always be there to save the day but they can. And did! Thank you for loving my children and taking time to make sure that no matter what, Jude was not just going to be pushed to the side or sent home without knowing what was going on. It saved us a trip to an ER and with a high deductible insurance it saved us a lot of money and worry. Jude is in 4th grade and has been a student there since kindergarten so Miss April has always been a part of his daily routine. She goes out of her way more to make sure Jude and Jagger are taken care of, educated, and loved but also held accountable for their actions. Thank you! Miss Lisa is a wonderful asset to the school. The school nurse is not just someone who hands out ice packs and band aids. She is a professional who handles the care of our future. Our kids! She has knowledge, patience, and love. Thank you! And also, Miss Mills. Again, knows the boys, their routine, their facial expressions. And mine as well. She knows when something is wrong. She has always handled anything we have thrown her way with a smile. I love that when I walk in to school, they are aware of who I am and who belongs to me. We are more than just a number or a test score. Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Megan Ross
Parent of two students



“Since working at IMSA North, I have had the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the operation and growth of the school.  Each week that passes I see the progress that the students are making as well as the progress the school is making towards being an environment that challenges the students and encourages their independence.  It is a pleasure to get to know so many families and students that make their home here.  Truly it is an environment of community and it builds more each week.  As I walk in the halls I am greeted by many students and I see them building friendships and entrusting their teachers as they sense the common goal of all at the school – to see the students succeed.

The experiences I’ve had on the field trips have been amazing and have provided even more of an opportunity to see the student’s personalities and curiosity to know they are in the environment that best suits these curiosities.  It reminds me of what a great opportunity they have before them if they choose to accept it.

Personally, I find IMSA North a place that challenges me to succeed as well while also allowing me to build friendships that will sustain.  This is a position that is very rewarding and one that I anticipate growing into for years to come.”

-Katherine Beckwith- Regional Community Relations Coordinator



“We have been very pleased with IMSA North.  The staff demonstrate professionalism and exhibit genuine interest in the students’ well being.  It has been a wonderful experience to share our son’s enthusiasm for his school.  IMSA North offers a nice balance of structure & socialization in a safe environment, as well as a rich, dynamic curriculum to foster positive learning experiences.  All children are held accountable for their behavior and encouraged to be responsible leaders from day one.  We look forward to growing with IMSA North over the years to come!”

-Brian and Jennifer Wyrick 

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You may find the parent responses to the question below.

What is the greatest strength or the thing you like most about this school?

  • Discipline, after school tutoring.
  • Push for college, field trips & math and science focus.
  • I like the emphasis put on discipline/behavior and on academics. Greatly appreciated!
  • I like the curriculum.
  • I like the way everything is handled.
  • Emphasis on learning and responsibility for own actions.
  • Professionalism, prompt response to questions, ample opportunity for our kid to learn.
  • I think the academic program is great.
  • It is everyday afterschool programs that help my child expand his learning experience.
  • We like structure and regulation of the school.
  • Small classes.
  • The one thing I like most is the parent information. My son’s teacher keeps me aware of what the students are doing week by week.
  • What I like mostly about this school is the importance of education. It is a school that not only challenges the students but also the parents.
  • The way the children are learning about consequences if they behave badly.
  • The way the children are learning about consequences if they behave badly.
  • Academic challenge, order, parent involvement, small class size.
  • Smaller class room setting so that my child gets the help he needs.
  • When there is problem the school is quick at trying to address it, my son’s bus stop was a problem for us and the school changed it so that it helped our family out.
  • My daughter loves the school. She has been to a private school and township. She is very happy her and I like the fact it has the private school atmosphere.
  • The communications between staff and parents.
  • I love the emphasis and focus on strong academics which promote rigorous thinking skills.
  • The small class sizes and how much the teachers care.
  • Everyone is very friendly.
  • Strong help system.
  • I like the vigor of the school work. It is challenging for my son.
  • The thing I like most about IMSA-North is its focus on the student. The school is really focused on education and making sure each individual student receives the best education that could possibly be given. I am also impressed with the communication between parent and teacher!
  • Curriculum.
  • Her teachers communication with me about my child and how she is doing and what they are doing as a class as well as an individual.
  • The education, my child is improving more and more each day.
  • I love the positive way that they push the students to succeed.
  • Environment is inductive to learning.
  • Well organized, friendly staff.
  • I like that all children are alike. the structure the way they make them follow directions.
  • Everyone is concerned about my child’s safety and feelings.
  • The school is orderly and has high standards.
  • The caring staff who want my child to be successful.
  • The fact that the teachers care and react to the children in a positive manner.
  • My kids love to come to school and they love their teachers. They both like the fact that they have good grades.
  • I love the organization.
  • The curriculum–homework given on a daily basis.
  • Strong math skills.
  • The whole staff seems very friendly.

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