Spring Break International Trip to Cartagena, Colombia

Spring Break International Trip to Cartagena, Colombia

For most members of the IMSA family, spring break means a chance to relax and prepare for the last quarter of the school year. But, for one adventurous group of 25 travelers, it means they will be having the experience of a lifetime in Cartagena, Colombia enjoying 90 degree weather on the port city’s Caribbean beaches.

While in Cartagena, the travelers will endeavor to discover why Colombia is considered to be one of the happiest places on Earth. Their path to discoveries will lead them to explore historical and cultural aspects of the city and its people. They will try dancing, cooking local cuisine and photographing the amazing Colonial architecture. There will be visits to museums such as the Gold Museum and ‘Castillo San Felipe’; the largest fortress built by the Spanish in the new world.

The group doesn’t want to just take from Cartagena; they also want to give back too. During the trip, they will visit local charities and schools and help out through donations and service.  At the end of spring break, the IMSA group and the ‘Cartageneros’ they meet will have a better understanding of each other through their shared cultural exchanges.

We are saving a place for you next year!

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