IMSA District Science Fair
On December 8, 2015, IMSA North, IMSA West and IMSA South organized a very successful Science Fair with 125 Science Fair Projects from grades 5-12.
At the Science Fair, students were recognized for their hard work, preparation, and creative ideas in different topics such as behavioral science, life sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics.  IMSA North believes that the science fair project is one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake.
Next step: School’s science fair committee will choose the top 20 middle school and 20 high school projects to participate in Concept Schools Science and Engineering Projects (CONSEF). More than 500 projects participate in CONSEF that will take place in Cleveland on April 8thOur students and staff will leave on Friday, spend the night at a hotel in Cleveland, participate at CONSEF the next day and will return by late Saturday. We wish the best luck to our students as they prepare for CONSEF.
We thank our dedicated staff, students, parents and community support for supporting Science at our school.
Our Sponsors:
Shalom Healthcare Center : for sponsoring the student awards
Bright Ideas:  for preparing Regional Science Fair banner
Georgetown: 14 digital cinemas for free tickets
Papa John’s : for supplying the food for our students, parents, and judges
Concept Schools: for their continuous support

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