September Town Hall Meeting / PTO Meetings
On September 29, 2016, we had a great time with the parents at the Town Hall Meeting and the PTO Meeting. Eight parents came.
Officer Adkins had a presentation about Bullying and important messages to the parents, very beneficial. The parents requested access to the presentation and we will work on providing it to them.
After the presentation I opened the floor for the parents for questions and it was a very honest conversation. Parents were very pleased by the exchange and I feel very good about their support moving forward.
We have all four PTO positions filled.
President: LaShawna Cole
Vice President: Kowayla Hubbard
Secretary: Lashanda Brown
Treasurer: Deborah Summer
Also they had some good suggestions we will consider implementing.
The schedule for the rest of the year is below.

August Town Hall Meeting / PTO Meetings

Dear Parents,

We want to hear from you. This year we started having Town Hall Meeting followed by PTO Meetings. My goal is to hear from parents, get their feedback and make positive improvements at our school. We held our first Town Hall Meeting and PTO meeting this Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. We started with Town Hall Meeting at 5pm followed by our PTO meeting at 6pm. We had six parents and five staff members in attendance.
Another goal we have this year is to be become a resource for our parents in the areas they seek help. Please check the survey below and let us know the areas we can provide support. We are working on bringing professionals to answer your questions on these areas as part of the Town Hall Meeting and Parent Teacher conferences.