cybersecurity imsa north
Our school has been granted PLTW Cybersecurity Class by the IDOE

Indiana Math and Science Academy North awarded a PLTW Cybersecurity Grant from the IDOE! One more way we are extending STEM opportunities for students! #stem #cybersecurity

shoe closets
Shoe Closets Inc

Shoe Closets Inc. has selected Indiana Math and Science Academy North as their first Charter school to receive their services.  Shoes Closets Inc. provides new sneakers, to kids in need, through school closets.  Barbara Olmstead founded this charitable program in 2014.  Since then, more than 6,000 pairs of shoes , serving more than 10,000 students, […]

Season for Sharing: Girls on the Run races toward confidence and self-esteem

A group of girls on foot round the corner of the parking lot at their north-side K-12 charter school, clutching at hats, scarves and gloves their coach gave them to stay warm on the chilly fall day. One runner halts and is met with “Don’t stop — you’ve got this” and other encouraging words from her teammates, […]

PLTW Biomedical Science Class

IMSA North offered a new course for High School Students this year, Project Lead The Way: Principles of Biomedical Science. Students in this course get introduced to a “death” of a fictional character on the first day of class and throughout the year go through all of the medical issues the character had while doing […]

STARBASE Stem Program

5th grade has had an incredible opportunity to go to D.O.D. StarBase for the last 5 weeks. We have been working on STEM activities that use the Indiana State Standards.  We have learned about compounds and elements and how they get their names. We experimented and learned the difference between a chemical and physical change. […]

Butler Leadership Communication Institute

Students received a certificate and a generous gift bag from Butler. Afterwards, a lunch celebration was held at Qdoba. Next year, IMSA-North will launch the full Institute of 10 sessions with Butler University inviting 20 HS students to be a part of this stellar program.  Michael Dunn, Ed.S. Director of Curriculum & Instruction

School Science Fair 2018

Our school had their Science Fair on December 6th throughout the day.  There were 197 high school students (grades 9th-12th) that presented their projects exploring their interests through the scientific method.   Many of the students are going to continue to represent the school in the Indiana Regional Science Fair, and CONSEF in Cleveland, Ohio. […]

School International Festival 2018

The International Festival, held at Indiana Math and Science Academy-North on November 9th, was a success. The festival was organized and colorful; a truly unique event. Our school believes it is important to be diverse and knowledgeable of other cultures.  All the high school, grades 9-12 were encouraged to participate. The 38 performers displayed a […]

Butler Leadership Communication Institute

Select students at IMSA have been invited to participate in the Leadership Communication Institute in partnership with Butler University.  The purpose of the institute is to learn about and increase communication effectiveness of the future leaders of tomorrow.  Upper-level Butler University students provide activities and practical experience as a part of their ORG 362 Leadership […]

Concept Young Scholars Program

Our CYSP students have been working hard to reach their personal goals. Recently our girls had thier first CYSP lock-in. They stayed at school spent time cleaning our school grounds and doing various character and academic activities. Last month we took a field trip to the International Festival held at the Fairgrounds and learned about […]