Mission & Vision


We transform communities’ one mind at a time with real world engagement and continue to inspire generations through a STEM-focused education that successfully prepares students for tomorrow.

Core Values

We believe all students deserve:

  • A quality instruction that will stretch our students’ potential beyond the student’s’ imagination.
  • A caring environment, from the support staff to the administration and to the classroom teacher.
  • Opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • A safe environment where they are not bullied and enjoy coming to school every day.
  • A rigorous curriculum with different electives or pathways

All adults in our community are living by these core convictions daily and as a result, show the following attitudes and actions:

  1. All adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) work collaboratively to create a joyful, supportive learning environment that believes in the potential of each student.
  2. Teachers work cooperatively to improve the rigor of their instruction and to encourage students to reach their highest potential.
  3. All adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) work to create an anti-bully atmosphere that gives students a judgment-free environment to resolve conflicts.
  4. Administrators provide support for the teachers that build capacity and allow them to continue to grow both as an educator and individual.

Student Values

Students believe they are here to learn academically, and to become productive, caring, and contributing members of IMSA North and their communities.

Students come to school with an attitude geared towards not only personal learning but those of their peers as well. Through hard work, effort, and persistence they can and will become lifelong learners.

IMSA Pledge
As a valuable member of the IMSA-North community, today I commit myself to growth, achievement, and success. I pledge to use the tools I have been given, to realize my talents, fulfill my dreams, and attain my goals. I am on a quest to be
my best.

Student Statements

I am here to learn with joy
I am in charge of my learning and success
I will lead by example

I will be respectful to all people
I will cause no harm to others with my words and behaviors.
I will hold myself accountable for my choices.

I will advocate for myself
I will be kind to myself and others
I will learn from my mistakes

I will ask for and offer help 
I know where I am headed
I will put first things first

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