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Wit & Wisdom  for grades K-8, standards based Concept Schools English curriculum for 9-12

Concept Schools Math curriculum  supplemented by Eureka Math ( known as Engage NY ) for K-12

IMSA Vision of Excellent Instruction

Students do the thinking We interact with rich content. We work first. We make meaning with one another then we discuss together. To do this, we …  


  • Actively listen
  • Turn and Share
  • Track
  • Acknowledge (i.e. Snap)
  • Build upon each other’s ideas 
We go conceptual  We master basic skills. We make connections. We continuously ask “why”. To do this, we … 


  • Sustained practice basic facts, fluency
  • Verbalize the conceptual understanding
  • Stretch each other’s ideas
  • Use academic vocabulary 
  • Look for alternative solutions, counter arguments
  • Teachers facilitate
We embrace the challenge We find joy in the struggle. We thrive on the challenge. We cheer for each other. To do this, we …  

  • Ask for a challenge when things are easy
  • Understand if we struggle, we are learning
  • We don’t opt out
  • When we fail, we try a different approach and that is okay
We hold ourselves accountable We know the goals. We monitor the progress. We share data. We show personal responsibility, not blame. To do this, we …  

  • Teachers communicate short and long term goals for the class
  • Teachers aggressively monitor in the classroom
  • Teachers highlight the most crucial part of the assignment 
    • This is the goal
    • This is the gap
  • Students hold themselves accountable for the work, not others
  • Staff holds themselves accountable for the work, not others
  • We celebrate success

High School Curriculum – High school graduation requirements exceed traditional public schools and include service learning and a senior thesis. In order to earn a diploma, each high school student must meet all of the following requirements. Only students earning a diploma are permitted to participate in graduation activities.


High School Graduation Requirements

Academic Graduation Requirements

Mathematics 8 credits including Algebra I (may be taken in 8th grade), Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus
Science 8 credits including Physics, Chemistry, Biology
English 8 credits including World Literature, American Literature, British Literature
Social Studies 6 credits including World History, American History, Government and Economics
Computer Technology 2 credits
Fine Arts 2 credits
Physical Education 2 credits
Health   Foreign Languages 


 1 credit     

4 credits of same type

11 credits, including 2 credits College & Career Composition

Total 52 credits


CS Elective Course Offerings

Orchestra Choir Web Design
Animation and Graphic Design Microsoft Applications College Readiness Reading
College & Career Composition Speech & Debate AP Spanish
Economics AP American History AP World History
College Readiness Math Project Lead the Way Research & Project Design 



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