Indiana Math and Science Academy North (IMSA North), is a K-12 tuition free college preparatory charter school, which is funded by public sources. IMSA is operated independently by a board of trustees under a charter granted by the Mayor’s office of Indianapolis.
IMSA North is a small, structured school with 696 students attending this year in grades K-12. IMSA North delivers a rigorous, innovative educational program, integrating various themes.


:: Curricula: The core curriculum provides students with a rigorous program of studies in the areas of mathematicssciencesocial studies, and language arts. The school maintains high expectations of its students while the administration develops and monitors individual plans for them.
:: Attitudes: IMSA North promotes productive attitudes toward school, work, self and community. IMSA North encourages willingness to sacrifice for the common good of others, as well as for personal fulfillment. Indiana Math and Science Academy North harbors deep respect for family, school and community while encouraging its students to appreciate and grasp the opportunities that life offers.
:: Individual attention: Each individual student at IMSA North is important and his or her abilities are a focal point at all times. Each student at IMSA North is regarded as a unique asset and a vital member of the school community;
:: Participation: Community service is embedded through the curriculum to perpetuate constructive participation by students, parents and staff in the life of the school and the community that surrounds them. IMSA North’s students carry the school experience into the real world through higher education, family, employment, and civic affairs.
:: Reform and accountability: At IMSA, education reform is the initiating and guiding principle with excellence as a standard, the school must achieve to remain in existence. Accountability is clear. Just as business must adapt itself to new technologies, new demands from its consumers, and the never-ending invention of new products, education must also show constant progress in order to flourish.

IMSA North is enrolling students in grades K-12 for 2017-2018 Academic Year.

IMSA North is managed by Charter Management Organization( CMO), Concept Schools, Inc.  Concept Schools is a Chicago based, not-for-profit charter management and consulting organization.  Concept Schools, Inc. first initiated Horizon Science Academies in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio, in 1999.  Concept Schools, Inc. has grown to manage a total of 30 charter schools in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota and Michigan. All of the schools are located in urban areas and serve a total of 13,000 underprivileged students in Cleveland,Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Toledo in Ohio, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Hazel Park in Michigan.

The school model that was developed by Concept Schools was initially only for grades 6-12. However, due to the need to close the achievement gap in the early years of schooling, Concept expanded its model to K-12 and began opening elementary schools in 2006.  The first Concept School in Indiana, Indiana Math and Science Academy West, authorized by the Mayor’s Office, began operation with grades six through eight in 2007.  In its third year, IMSA added K-5 and expanded to 491 students (more than double the enrollment).  IMSA was rated “Exemplary” based on performance and improvement based on Indiana’s category placement 2008-2009 school year.  Indiana Math and Science Academy North was also authorized by the Charter Schools Office of the Mayor of Indianapolis in February 2010. IMSA South, opened in 2013. IMSA North is enrolling students in grades K-12 for 2017-2018 Academic Year.
IMSA North is located at the Junior Achievement building at 7435 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis IN 46240.

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